Tips for a Stress-Free Photo Session

I really don’t like getting my photo taken. Professional headshots, family photos, and even selfies with friends — it's not always a natural-feeling experience to be the focus of attention. The pressure of the photographer staring at me, trying to figure...

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7 Tricks for Photographing Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are notoriously adorable – their teensy lips, their fuzzy cheeks, their penchant to demand treats five seconds after they’ve already been given one – but they’re also notoriously difficult to photograph. That is, unless, you know how to bribe them. I...

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Where Do Your Stories Go?

Have you ever noticed that long after your body comes home from helping animals, your mind is still there with them, working through what you experienced that day? Or maybe you feel anxious or sad, but you can’t put your finger on why exactly. The answer, in part, is...

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2018: The Year of Creative Collaboration!

As a new year begins, we’re taking stock of everything that made 2017 so fantastic, and the huge list of things we’re excited about for 2018. It includes the amazing shelters and rescues with whom we get to partner, the artists who tirelessly give of their talents to...

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This Is Why I Started HeARTs Speak

A letter from our Executive Director   It was the deep connection and love I felt for my own dog, Iggy, that inspired the idea for HeARTs Speak. I actually fell in love with my boy well before meeting him, through beautiful, emotive, photographs. The experience...

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A Shelter Dog Story: From Start to Happy End

And for a shelter pet, that story can be the link to a lifetime of love and happiness.   Well, this is Indy before he had a photo that helped him tell his true story.   Indy arrived at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control as a stray and quickly captured the...

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#AdoptLove 2018 Calendar Contest

That memory of the best hike you and your dog took together last summer. The snapshot of a shelter cat who touched your heart and soul. The happily-ever-after moment you captured on adoption day. Pets bring a powerful connection to our lives and communities, and we...

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Writing Great Pet Bios: The ‘Interview’

If photos are the cheese, then a memorable, engaging bio is most definitely the macaroni in promoting an adoptable pet! They’re a powerful duo — photos cutting through the clutter of busy newsfeeds to spark an unforgettable first impression, while a bio provides the...

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The Perfect Exposure Project Goes Westward!

KICKING OFF OUR 2017 SERIES OF PHOTOGRAPHY AND TRAINING WORKSHOPS IN THE BAY AREA   There’s something magical that happens when diverse organizations get together to problem-solve and learn. The Perfect Exposure Project (PEP) is a program that focuses on bringing...

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Finding Shelter: A Tribute to Shelter Volunteers

In the story of an animal finding its forever after, we usually pick up the book at the ‘Gotcha’ Day’ chapter. It opens with an ecstatic portrait and a lucky pet driving off into the sunset, and boy does it feel good! But many pages precede that one, with a sprawling...

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8 Tricks for Rocking Instagram

Growing a healthy, engaged Instagram following can feel like a slow process, but the good news is that just a little time and consistency can achieve a lot on this particular platform. As with any social network, some trial and error might be necessary to really learn...

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